Process of Administering Medications

The process of administering medications goes beyond the actual act of providing a patient with a medication. Nurses must implement the three principles that are outlined by the College of Nurses of Ontario that include: authority, competence, and safety (CNO, 2019). I have integrated these three principles in a word cloud that outlines the process of medication administration.


At my work we use both the computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and an electronic medication administration record (eMAR).  I work on an inpatient addictions unit and my patients are often able to receive their medications at the medication window located in the nursing station.  The patients are responsible for receiving their medications at the specific structured times and must have a patient identification card that the nurse scans into the eMAR system.  This patient identification card has their full name, age, date of birth, day of admission, and any drug/food allergies.  Because the patients come to a medication window there is a limited amount of space for them to wait in the hallway for their turn and therefore, this creates a loud environment that can be distracting.  This medication system/process is not ideal for creating a confidential space for the patient to ask questions pertaining to their medication and it can also increase the risk of medication errors due to the noise. 


CNO. (2019, January). Practice Standard: Medication. Retrieved from College of Nurses of Ontario:

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