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  1. Hi Britter,

    Thank you so much for sharing this visual with us. It was great to see a new aspect of blog writing. I need to learn more on creating new visuals. The 8 CNAO regulations have definitely allowed nurses to follow a guideline that ensures everyones safety and offer a health care scene that allows nurses to gain knowledge while practising what they have learned. I really do think the most important factor from this guidelines is ethics because as nurses we have to hold ourselves to a higher standards as we are the number one contact for many patients when entering a facility. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poster with us.



  2. Hi Britters Blog,

    I appreciate the beautiful pamphlet you provided for Professional Standards in regards to nursing informatics. According to Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (n.d), computer software programs is designed to support nurses and provides immediate access pertaining to health or illness of our patients. I agree with you that nurses need to have competence in emerging technologies and the ability to use information technology in their clinical practice. Great visual representation of the requirements of nurses in information technology in nursing practice.


    Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. (n.d). Nurses and the use of computer technology. Retrieved from


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