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For this week’s module, I have been tasked with creating a thesis statement to begin the process of writing a scholarly paper. I have had the privilege of being involved in the evolution of using technology at my workplace. I assisted in the roll-out of the new electronic medication administration record (eMAR) by educating nurses, creating a manual, and providing direct support during the initiation of this system. This experience led me to the development of my thesis statement as I have anecdotal evidence that eMARs reduce medication errors.

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My thesis statement is: Electronic medication administration records reduce medication errors.

I look forward to your feedback on my thesis statement! Thank you

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  1. Hello Britter’s Blog
    I believe you selected a great topic for your scholarly paper. I watched five steps for writing a killer thesis statement by Nurse Killam on YouTube. The steps included (1) Relevant (2) Debatable (3) Clear stance (4) Concise (5) Assertive (Nurse Killam, 2017).
    I believe your topic is relevant because EMAR is slowly replacing paper form mar sheet, and it is related to technology.
    Your topic is debatable as one could disagree.
    You made a clear stance by stating it reduce medication errors.
    It is concise and assertive as you when straight to the point.
    I think it is a great thesis.

    Thanks for sharing

    NurseKillam. (2017, September 28). 5 steps for writing a killer thesis statement
    with examples. Key for an excellent Persuasive Essay. Retrieved from


  2. This is a great topic for your nursing informatics paper and there are evidence based information regarding the issue of errors in medication administration and the benefit of EMAR for an increase in patient safety. Fuller, Guirguis, Sadowski, & Makowsy, 2018, found that nine studies stated that there was a quality of improvement of medication errors among nurses. The features of EMAR uses alerts to potential unsafe medication administration problems (Fuller et al., 2018). In this study, it stated that there are many features such as mandatory documentation and photograph identification which provides safer administration of medication to patients (Fuller et al., 2018).

    Fuller, A. E. C., Guirguis, L. M., Sadowski, C. A., & Makowsky, M. J. (2018). Electronic medication administration records in Long‐Term care facilities: A scoping review. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 66(7), 1428-1436. doi:10.1111/jgs.15384


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